Mark Zuckerberg is Saint Nick!

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Socializing can be fun! It’s very therapeutic. Experts say that socializing affects the brain dramatically. This is good news! It’s nice to finally have good news for a change. So many experts for the past years have been saying just the opposite, and I’m tired of it.

Sure, online socializing can have its dark side, as any activity does. But when it’s so vital to human’s peace of mind, health, and success, shouldn’t we be promoting socializing? Instead of scaring little children away from the Christmas tree? There are so many gifts to be had thanks to the internet, and social networks.

I used to say that Bill Gates was Saint Nick. I still say that! Because who else invested millions upon millions of dollars into making a game for kids? And now it has become super popular with adults also! He’s truly Saint Nick or at least deserves the Nobel prize for bringing joy into nearly every home in many nations around the world! But now there’s a new Saint Nick in town, and his name is Mark Zuckerberg. Sure, there are other social land barons who’ve created equally social territory for example one of the originals: MySpace (1).

It’s not easy to create a whole new world; social networks literally are a whole new world, they might be virtual but with very real users and dimensions. You could say it’s as difficult as trying to create a main dish with nothing but fruit! Here’s more on that if you’re interested in an article about fruit meals, here:

And you could say Yahoo with direct message tools was perhaps the first to truly socialize the net. And email has always been a very social platform. But social networks took it to a whole new level where now you could socialize with thousands if not millions of new people! Now you can literally socialize with the whole world thanks to sites like Twitter.

Facebook was the first to truly give us access to hundreds and then thousands of complete strangers. Then they locked it down, several times, to reduce our ability to reach strangers because of the dangers. And of course there’s the terrorists, I mean spammers.

Some people argue that terrorists don’t really exist and that it’s just a few lone nuts or lone shooters who are being made famous by media and really are not around every street corner, on every airplane or computer.

Just like I’ve been to thousands of banks and never once have I witnessed a bank robbery or been in a bank that was ever robbed. Some people have had the unfortunate experience but thank God it’s only some people, not everyone.

Does spam truly exist?

“Actually, spam is good! Some people give Spam gift sets to friends and family for the holiday.” (2)

Is spam just junk mail that now instead of being in the box in front of our house is now in our virtual mailbox online? However, yes, spam does exist and sometimes like terrorism it’s a danger to whoever wins that lottery.

“In Korea, spam isn’t junk meat — it’s a treat! South Korea is the world’s No. 2 Spam consumer!” (3)

While certain viruses have only affected 60,000 people over here and 200,000 people over there, nobody wants to be the one lucky person on the planet to be eaten by a shark. It’s all fun and games until it’s you (4)!

WARNING: “Don’t respond to dubious E-mail. Experienced e-mail users know that you should never respond to spam.” That headline is from a great article on the subject by PC Magazine online (5). And so, I just wanted to get that warning out there.

But now, back to Saint Nick:

It’s true that at first, Bill Gates tried to destroy Christmas (6), like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. But why does everybody focus on that, when in fact Bill Gates approved and launched and distributed worldwide the greatest kid’s toy the world has ever known?! People are so ungrateful!

We take something horrible like a war, and throw a celebration parade in honor of the Generals after it’s over. And we take something glorious, like a toy, and we smear the hell out of the creators. I pray to God we never do that with Saint Nick and Christmas! We crucified Jesus (7), let’s hope we can keep Saint Nick around for a lot longer!

“Bill said he would give the team everything they need to make the Xbox happen.” (6)

I’d like to propose that life has gotten better (Jesus is back, alive, and well). And I want to see more positive news about how socializing online has improved our lives. I personally truly believe that online social platforms are a treasure, something we definitely should be happy about and very thankful.

“Life is better than that which is so frequently portrayed. Nature is better than that. Love is better than that.”
-LDS Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley (8)

Thank you to all the Saint Nicks out there!

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